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Wednesday, January 12, 2022
 3:00 EST 

Greetings to our Town Hall friends!

Join us for our inaugural Town Hall of 2022- on Wednesday, January 12 at our regular time, 1pm MT/3pm ET, for your regular dose of lively interactive discussion and best practice sharing on the hottest topics impacting credit unions nationwide. If you're not already on our invite list, request an invite!

   Episode: 73


Steve Soukup


   Episode: 72


Glen Sarvady

Managing Principal
154 Advisors

   Episode: 71


Ryan Best

Marketing Manager
Best Innovation Group

   Episode: 70


John Findlay


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You are invited to join us each week at the CU Town Hall presented by Best Innovation Group. With hosts John Best and CUBroadcast’s Mike Lawson at the helm, we come together every Wednesday at 12 P.M. PT/3 P.M. ET to share information about the latest issues that credit unions are facing, meet and talk to industry experts, and sometimes to just discuss what is on John and Mike’s minds. Sign up to receive an invitation to each week’s show.

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